Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rece is born!

On March 2nd I became a mommy! I was talking to my doctor on March 1st and he said that I was in the beginning stages of preeclampsia and he wanted to admit me to the hospital that night in order to start the process of inducing labor. We called all the grandparents and let them know a new grandbaby would be here the next day and they hit the road! We checked in to the hospital and I received my first dose of medicine at 10 pm and went into labor not long after. After over 15 hours of labor and 2 and a half hours of pushing, Rece Elijah Gilliland arrived at 2:37 pm. He was 7 lbs and 6 oz and was 19 1/2 " long. We were so blessed to have our parents there and my sister Lindsey to meet the little guy!

The Proud Grandparents and Parents not long after the arrival of our bundle of joy!
 First Family Photo.... At least my boys look good!
Pa says hello to Rece
Getting our temperature taken... he decided to help!
 Proud New Daddy!
Our nurse and friends Matt and Colleen Wise

 On our way home from the hospital!
Bonding with daddy!
My 3 boys!!
 Our little glowworm
Aunt Erin and Uncle Vic come to visit
Aunt Jen and Uncle Brent stop by too!
This picture sums up the last few weeks...
God has blessed me with an amazing husband! He has been so attentive and supportive that he has made any frustration of being a new mom quicly disappear. I have also been blessed to have a baby that has really been easy to work with. Rece has been great at getting set on a schedule for feedings and he really naps well! Motherhood has been such an unusual experience.... so many new things to learn and so many things that are different and new compared to your life previous to having a baby! Looking at this sweet baby, I understand now that with all the frustration you can experience as a new mother, God gives you such a perfect sweet baby to look at and realized he is causes everything else in the world to melt away!

Monday, February 28, 2011

long time coming.....

So, I AM SORRY! The last time I blogged was around Halloween, now, it is March 1st tomorrow and I am aware that 4 months has flown by without any update to my blog which is a shame because being preggers and experiencing things for the first time probably would make for some fun posts! However, SO MUCH has happened in the last 4 months that I have had no time to do anything but crash when I am home! I have been way more busy than ANY pregnant woman should have at this point in the pregnancy. So... lets try to recap 4 months.. you ready?

Ok, first, Football......
This season was a whirlwind! Week after week, the team pulled out some thrilling games including taking down the number one team in the country, Appalachian State, at home! That game set us on a winning streak and then next thing we knew we were heading into the playoffs and found ourselves in the semifinals where the journey sadly ended...a step away from the National Championship! We were so excited and Brett and I feel so lucky to be part of such an amazing season and an amazing staff!! here are some great memories from the last bit of the season!
Winning against William and Mary in Round 2! 
Spending time with the pastor that married us in Virginia before the William and Mary Game! 
Alaskan Sister Christina Makes it for the last half of our victory at William and Mary... 2 games in one season with this girl... she is good luck! 
Rally Hat pic! My two bleacher buddies, Jen and Erin (fellow wives) and I take a pic in our cold weather gear we fondly call our rally hats! Erin started the trend and we made it a tradition at all the games we were together! 
Meeting up with Brett after the win 
Rally hat pic in Delaware... Bebe (another wife) joins in with us! 
The Delaware game was the last game of the season for us and we were greeted as we arrived in the Boro with a 20 cop car escort and tons of fans at the football offices... including our friends Ashleigh and Alan who made some fun signs and even got on the news! 
Sister Lindsey vists for a game... which happened to be the biggest game of the season: Appalachian state!  
The fans, the team, the coaches, and the president of the university storm the field! So cool!

Jobs and raises and trucks oh my!
So, late in the season a job came open in Admissions still working with the same group I have been working with on campus. It was way better pay with an office and a new location on campus. It was something that I really wanted and considering how stressed I had been in the past, I had prayed that this would be the right fit for me and God truly blessed us with me getting the job starting the first of January! After the amazing football season, we were also truly blessed with Brett getting a raise. After looking at our budget and the tiny little back seat in his truck we decided to find a new truck that would fit a baby car seat. We made a day trip to Atlanta to see our favorite car dealer and pick up Brett's dream truck!
Making the deal!

Pregnancy.... So, The pregnancy has gone pretty normal. We are so blessed to have had a pretty smooth experience. Minus the 2 1/2 trimesters of morning sickness and intense heartburn, Life has been pretty good! The baby moves a lot and really gives me some fun moments when I am stressed out.... just causes you to take pause and realize what an amazing miracle this whole thing is! We have so many supportive friends surrounding us here in Statesboro that I feel such a strong confirmation that this is exactly in God's plan for us as a family!  I am 1 week away from our due date of March 8th. I am so ready to meet our sweet boy we have fondly nicknamed Diesel! On his birthday, everyone will get his name! Here are a couple of prego pics from the last trimester.....
33 weeks
 36 Weeks
37 weeks

So that is pretty much most of the major updates to our lives since football season. I will post nursery pics and get better about updates in the coming weeks while our little guy takes his naps! Due date is rapidly approaching and judging by my elephant feet and ankles, er uh, symptoms, I think and hope he will debut sooner! I can't wait to meet him or for you to meet him too! Thanks for putting up with my delay in posting as well as the long ramblings of this posting!  We will update you soon!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Fun!

This weekend we had a houseful of friends and family for Brett's Game! I have gone to pumpkin patches and thought that Statesboro would be close to a fun place like that. No such luck. I can't find a patch anywhere close by! I was driving around town and stumbled across a really neat set up at a local Farmers stand. They had fun scarecrows, lots of big, small and colorful pumpkins and a great opportunity to turn my guests... and my puppy into models! Happy Fall Y'all!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

The bump - 16 weeks

So, Many people have requested a baby bump pic and update! this is me at 16 weeks... I am 18 weeks now... maybe a tad bigger but close to my pics below!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wives Trip: GSU vs. NAVY

2 weeks ago Georgia Southern invited all of the coach's wives to travel with them to the Navy game. I was really excited! 9/11 at Navy.... a very patriotic and awe inspiring trip. We had a ton of fun and I would say it was the best away game I have been to! I had a great time getting to know some of the wives better and we had a lot of fun sightseeing and touring the Naval Academy. I also got meet up with my childhood friend Christina who had graduated from the academy and she gave us some inside scoop on the town and the campus! Enjoy the pics!

A beautiful view up one of the main streets in Annapolis, MD.... Where the fun really started!

The ladies and I all got a pic at "Ego Alley" which is a small turn around large boats use all the time right in the middle of down town!
After dinner we noticed the restaurant had a big eagle in the lobby.... we had to take a pic with it! Go Eagles! 
 Taking the trolley downtown on gameday!
We had a lot of time before the game so we toured the campus!
The Navy Goat... and me and Jen Davis! 
 They decorate this monument for every game.... we posed with our logo... even if it says stomp Georgia Southern!
Erin Cabral and I were the picture girls! We got one together in front of the Dorms... yes this is their DORM! 
This was also inside the dorm. A monunment to fallen graduates. I loved the phrase "Don't give up the ship" So cool to be able to see all of it! 
My friend Christina and I posed for a pic! 
Coach Gilliland getting after those players!
He'll never admit it but he stood this way long enough for me to get a good pic! 
Snapping a pic with Christina with all the cadets marching in! 
The Cadets filled the field and tipped their hats to us saying "Go Eagles"  
Brett and Coach Niamatalolo, such a nice guy! 
Happy couple after a fun weekend!